Gerry Maguire Phoenix CC wins Masters race at Dunloy GP 31st May.

Congratulations to Gerry Maguire Phoenix CC on winning todays masters race.

Special mention to Kathryn Smyth Madigan on finishing 4th and collecting prize for 1st lady today.

The third race of the day was for Women and Masters and again it was Millbrae that decided the winners. In the first lap Geoff Garrett (Phoeni CC) and Stephen Cardy (north Down) had opened up a sizeable gap on the chasers along the fast stretch but as the turned into Millbrae it was not long before the group closed up again. Noel Boyce of North Down and Gerry Maguire (Phoenix) had a lash nearing the top of the hill and opened up a gap. In the last lap it was Phoenix CC’s Gerry Maguire who put the hammer down last time up the hill. He soloed home minutes ahead of the chasers to take a magnificent win. Second place was taken by his club-mate Geoff Garrett while Noel Boyce of North Down took third. Katherine Smyth of Team Madigan was the first woman.


  1. Gerry Maguire (Phoenix CC)
  2. Geoff Garrett (Phoenix CC)
  3. Noel Boyce (North Down)
  4. Kathryn Smyth (Madigan)
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